If your bored than your boring

I feel boring as he'll lately. I came down with the flu immediately after class on Friday and just slept through the next couple of days.
Apart from that though, I just feel less interesting than I used to. It seems like I'm either working and not really feeling satisfied from it, or drinking. Alcohol used to be in service to fun times and memories and things, now its just masking over shitty nights in 15 west.
I can't really think of a reason for it though. I had thought that maybe there were different people contributing different things last year, but that doesn't ring for me. Half the time I wanted to be somewhere else with that group anyway. Just because theres a lot of people doesn't mean your having a good time. The other night at london's we had a party and that was lukewarm as well.
I think I'm just on a down swing. I'll piss about meeting some new people and just end up looking in a bar. I probaby just give off shitty signals. Cept most of the people I want to meet give them off too haha.
Yeah, Blade's final class sucked. He was laying into the illustration/painting thing pretty thick. Lots of little scoffs and comments, so a lot of the last class was just " get me the fuck outta here" . We were all pretty pissed, but I ran into Art getting some food and he said they were heading off to steal everything that wasn't nailed to the ground. I'd have loved to have been in on that but I felt like shit. We need to hit up another building or something. I think that and a pitcher at luis at 5 in the morning would do me good.

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I've got my final winteresession class today, in a few hours. I just got back from studio a little while ago; i was up with keith and art discussing technical metal while painting. Art has a may being flayed, with his body reconstructing itself into a golem/warrior type of deal. I think. I like art, and it sort of sucks that we hadnt touched off at all before this year. But everything he's done so far as been illustrating this world that hes constructed and i really, really wouldnt want to live there. The only happiness ive seen is in the grim satisfaction that in sacrificing yourself your doing something, to someone, somewhere. tired. nice giger vibe though. I had to laugh the other day, our sketchbooks are exactly the same.
which is interesting, i think. Our sketches are so similar but hte paintings are so different. I'm still keyed up saturated colors, but in a way that still seems sort of dark and murky. He and keith on the other hand are straight up umber washes.
Its been interesting working with them though. I remember for a time that i thought keith was the most talented painter i know. And the kid is still unstoppable, but i guess i see things differently. I think its that hes had a thing going for a while, and so has been able to hone it. whereas ive sort of gone back and forth with things a bit. Not that i havnt been pigheadedly pursuing the same style, but there have been fits and starts.
I guess i should start looking for a job. shit.
Maybe the story hat thing next semester will pan out. i dunno. There is always anzovin as well, but there are other options id like to pursue first.
This post has no narrative thread whatsoever.
I was going to say something about how, while im here, its completely normal to drink whiskey at 4:30 in the morning. But that holds true in mass as well. I think ive insulated myself rather well.


The first new painting in the fantasy portfolio. The idea is to come up with 6 or 7 paintings by the end of the summer that I can submit to Wizards of the Coast, as well as the comic companies for cover consideration. I think if I work things correctly I can kill two birds with one stone. So wizards casting spells against steampunk golems, dynamically ;-)
More soon. I took all of my reference pics for the next painting that I think i'm going to throw up on the steampunk communities. They've been  good to me so far, s'time to give something back.


Oooohh aaaaa ooooh what a day that was

The steampunk magazine illustrations are apparently going to be featured in wired. nice.
Lots of fun stuff on the site, by tonight prolly. people and robots and whatnot, though one happens to be a piece of rob schrab fanart. First time thats ever happened.
Also something I sent out in the hopes of landing a matte painting job. It would be on the side when im not doing the texture work for Anzovin, but good eats, them matte paintings.
Sending out some illustrations to Dungeon, s'a d&d mag i ran into at work.
So ends this bullet point journal entry. im tired.

also- the astroboy tattoos are all healed up. think im going to try to link up the gears now.


Moby Dick

Had another website update; a Moby Dick book cover. Next up is The Hobbit, so if you have any ideas, let me know. No grassy lawns for this boy.
Remember also that there is a comic section up now as well, and thats just fun for everyone.